2016 HP Spectre Review – Is This Laptop TOO Thin?!

Review of the HP Spectre – The Thinnest Laptop in the World!

A comprehensive review covering build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With gaming and temperature performance tests.

Is this the best thin and light ultrabook? Is it too thin? How does it perform? How hot does it get? Watch and find out!

Purchase link : http://amzn.to/1XVC0ws

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Tejas Sreenivasan says:

Correction! it’s a broadwell chip not a skylake

Zak Ash says:

It’s black and gold because there is more black than there is gold

Colin Pater says:

ugh, when HP does something no one bothers, if Apple does the same I get hate

Migueloncho 333 says:

Porkeria d lap se calienta rapido y para cambiar la pasta termica hay que desarmarla toda hasta llegar al procesador y encima sus tornillos estan barridos

ThePabit says:

I like the way you draw those graphic things !

Robert Cole says:

Hi DaveEnjoyed your demonstration, I had the idea of buying a Notebook to use on the move, but when at home, would connect to my HP Envy 34c. Is this do-able?

KAD YT says:

B&O speakers but bad sound?! xd

ferdinand he says:

can we change CPU by our self for this laptop?

MSM says:

How can’t i look to your face and not smile

Dick Jones says:

wow this iDumb is seriously iRetarded

adam ahmad says:

Which game where u playing

David Liu says:

Why isn’t everyone bashing this for only having usb-c’s like they are with apple?

guptaabhi1995 says:

which is the ultrabook with excellent speakers?

Ice says:

it’s got a headphone jack, didn’t expect that. Oh wait it wasn’t designed by Jhonny Ives.

scarletovergods says:

Do you think it would work well connected to Dell UltraSharp U3415W ?

Chris Z says:

First video I’ve ever watched from your channel, amazing. You deserve way more subs!

xsplashbluex says:

1:24 If we didn’t get the sleeve, is there anywhere we can order the same exact one as in the video?

Shilla Anjadini says:

You suck at cooking .-.

hodlmkt9 says:

wow i’m most impressed that dave was on fire playing widowmaker in overwatch

Alaa Sparks says:

you guys i need a laptop that can handle the hard work in Photoshop and video editing as well i’m a PC user and i don’t want to change into Mac so do you have any suggestion ? thanks

Cato says:

I could throw on a playlist of his reviews and use it as a sleep aid, these videos are so calming!!

Paul Choh says:

Hey Dave,

I don’t know if you do requests, but have you taken a look at Asus’ k501uw-ab78? It’s $870 on amazon with decent specs:

i7 6500U (2.5 Ghz turbo to 3.1)
15.6 Matte FHD Display 1920 x 1080p display

It’s a great value, but I haven’t seen many professional reviews on it, and was hoping for some advice.

Thanks in advance!

Purchase link: https://www.amazon.com/K501UW-AB78-15-6-inch-Full-HD-Gaming-Glacier/dp/B01DT49XN8/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1482261942&sr=1-1&keywords=asus+k501uw-ab78

Anime Fan says:

this shit runs better than my pc -_-

Cade Del Rey says:

Please do a review on the new X360!! I’m considering buying it, but I want to know your thoughts before I do.

Matthew Coury says:

what about for the i7-7500u with the 620 graphics?

Caroline Petersen says:

Can someone tell me if it possible to play the sims 4 on this thing.

m hitesh kumar says:

Dave i want to know

Janelle Barbeyto says:

well it does looks like the 2016 mac book pro

JSHARMAC (Jeremy Sun) says:

Does anyone recommend a laptop that’s under about $520? Well, I’m in Panama, Panama, though. Not in the states

Danny M says:

CAN SOMEONE HELP. I am a YouTube and I am looking for a computer (desktop or laptop) to edit videos on. I don’t do 4K, and all I want is something that won’t lag. Would this work

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