2016 ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501 Review – A Powerful Premium Laptop For A Good Price!

The ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW is a 15-inch laptop with the latest Intel Skylake Processor and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics ard. It has a 4K display and a full sized keyboard with a numeric keypad. Check out the video for the full review!

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박우석 says:

can it usable windows hello?

edit1754 says:

THE ASUS UX501 DOES NOT HAVE A 4K DISPLAY! It advertises 4K UHD 3840×2160 resolution, but that isn’t a complete truth. This display uses RG/BW Pentile, a cheap trick that lets them sell it as 3840×2160, without actually having enough dots to fully display 3840×2160. It’s not even as sharp as a 3K 2880×1620 display, and even has worse contrast than some 1920×1080 displays.

If you want a 4K UHD 3840×2160 display, buy the Lenovo Y700 4K or Dell XPS 15 4K. But of those have honest true 3840×2160 displays. They are truly worthy considerations for the price, whereas the ASUS UX501 thrives on deceptive advertising. Don’t buy it without fully knowing what it is and what it isn’t.

i RocHoes ya Rocafellas says:

@Matthew Moniz how you turn on Backlight on keyboard?, i have windows 10.

rapidrabbit says:

Do you have to hold the Fn key to input F1, F2,…?

天天天真 says:

which laptop has the best touch pad??

J Cai says:

Can you make review ASUS ZenBookUX510UW-RB71 i7 vs XPs 15 i5/i7 ? Thx

TheSpeedholic says:

What they never get is how important the sleek look is.Like this pc is good but if they would invest in a new chassi with the same quality as macbook pro.I think they would have a much bigger group buying it.

Saif Uddin says:

Hey Matt I’m torn between this or the razor blade stealth (Kaby Lake). I do mobile gaming (if any) on 1366 x 768 when I’m at my buddy’s place. I really just want good battery and decent typing with a dGPU. The razor core allows me to upgrade the graphics but I see myself playing games like Siege and For Honor on it as well as games like CSGO. What do you think? will a 960m cut it?

Bric Mayco says:

I want this laptop but as a 2 in 1. Can anyone recommend something ?

Orhan Sümen says:

I want to get this laptop but I’m worried that it only has 2gb of graphics card. My other option is ASUS ROG GL502VM which has the same graphics card but 6gb, but none of the cool features like 4k or touch screen. (and it is really ugly looking.) Thoughts?

Erkan Aksoy says:

Thank you for your review, well done!

I have one question, can i use this laptop for rendering architecture models?

noname says:

this or the hp pavilion omen 15 ?

Miles & Smiles Away says:

I’m a graphic designer and sometimes I’m editing videos as well and I cannot decide which computer to get. Currently I’m deciding between Zenbook Pro and Zenbook Flip UX560. I’m travelling a lot so I’m looking for some lighter and high performance. Have you tried Zenbook Flip UX560?

Tomas C K says:

I am switching from Apple as i had enough now with the emoji bar MBP without SD card reader, and i am a mac user since the 90s. I am currently running a MBP retina mid 2012… So i need a 4K editing station, is this it? Or what else is there?

A Girl and Her Bike says:

I JUST found your channel because I was looking at the Asus Zenbook. I must say, I do an LOT of graphic design work and A LOT of video editing as well and it’s really hard to find an affordable laptop that looks good and does what I need. I started venturing in the gaming laptops but found that the price wasn’t worth it. I absolutely loved this video and thanks to you, I found out about the Dell XPS 15. I have no idea what windows laptops are good unless I look at the specs. Keep up the great work!

Aditya Sundar says:

This would be my next Laptop. The market is littered with ultrabooks, but none of them pack a numeric keypad which is a huge boon for working with excel.

welin07wm says:

Is it a good deal to get this refurbished for 1200USD?

Souvik Roy says:

Need to buy a laptop for scientific computations like finite element method, dealing with large matrix calculations in matlab, ANSYS etc.
Please let me know which one is good: my budget is anything less than 1500 USD.
how about these two
1. Asus ZenBook Pro UX501VW
2. lenovo thinkpad P50 (corei7 6700 HQ + 15.6FHD + 16GB DDR4 2133MHz + Nvidia Quadro M1000M 4GB graphics + 256 GB SSD SATA3 OPAL 2.0 + 6 cell Li-Polymer Battery 90Wh removable + fingerprint reader)
Which one is more reliable, durable and tackles heating better?

Nafees Iqbal says:

Which is better – Asus Zenbook Pro (UX501VW) or Asus Vivobook Pro (N552VW)?

J Cai says:

Matthew, What laptop do you use?

Chen FAN says:

Hi Mat, I got this Asus Zenbook Pro UX501. As you said in the video, it shows a kind of greenish yellow which makes me unhappy. I did research online, some people say it would be OK if you uninstall the pre-installed program called “Asus Splendid Utility”. However, I found nothing has changed after I remove this program. Do you have any experience about that? What else should I do after I remove the program? Thanks a lot!

Abdul Malek says:

almost same configuration in Asus N552vw and less price around 1000 dollers.

Quantum Mechanics says:

is this good for watching porn?

Eason Rangarajan says:

I have the ZenBook pro and its freaking amazing!!! There are a few problems I have with it though… The 4K display is great but I find that there isn’t enough content to actually make use of this and if you use FL Studio 12, some of the plug-ins don’t scale, but as 4K becomes mainstream, this will become super useful.

Another issue I have is that the charging brick is cumbersome as well as the “Dark Grey” lid color can actually appear purple

Its a great laptop and future proofed for maybe use till 2019, if you’re nice to your electronics, and you can also squeeze up to 8 hrs of battery if you are very frugal with usage

KayleUknow says:

I do not care for weight, it’s not a factor in my opinion.

The Chosen One says:

When is the next ZenBook Pro coming out anybody know?

Icy_ Hyoudou says:

Why can’t we have affordable shit anymore
expensive af laptops
expensive af computers
expensive af houses
expensive af smartphones that are basically a tiny super computer
Isn’t there anything left that’s a really good product that isn’t overpriced (like anything with an Apple logo on it, bc fucc, its fukken built in China in slave labor sweatshops for next to nothing to the employees building your $800+ cellphone)

Doe John says:

Will it compatible with the asus rog xg station 2?

Mysteryboy0007 says:

this zenbook or the ux303ub i7?

abdulrahmanjijawi says:

thoughts on k501uw and ux510uw ??

Felipe Aguirre says:

Do you know the exact model of this notebook? (For example: UX501VW-FI127T) The last part indicates the specs. Thanks!

Mad Seb says:

Quick question…
You said you had no problem editing 4k with this laptop. I ended up buying one for video editing projects and am satisfied overall. However, when I try to edit 4k, it really bogs down and glitches in my software. I have been using Lightworks Pro. So my question is: Does software have an effect on performance?? If I were to switch to Adobe for instance, would I have an easier time editing 4k??

Hydroxxx Agario says:

i would be able to run OBS smoothly on this right?

Dean says:

I’m having in now for month and a half approximately and everything works just as expected so far. My main concern as a game developer was to have fast laptop, but still with good rendering abilities and this one is so far so good. I wouldn’t agree that is a price-friendly laptop, since 1500$ is not small amount. Yet compare to others, it could definitely be considered as one. Shit is getting more and more expensive this days. The only problem is that it only has 256G SSD, which is about 230G with pre-installed settings. I personally don’t have any problems with it since I really don’t use much of the space, and if I were about to need it desperately I can always get external HDD.

Syd Slim says:

Could I use this for CAD, Revit, Photoshop & Illustrator?

hiselectmedia says:

I need something for some 4k editing video (Lumix G7 camera) and daily emails and some light photoshop use from time to time. I found a used UX501JW for $750. Should I buy or not?

Chris is Conscious says:

Is battlefield 1 playable on this?

Hard Core says:

Hi Matthew, you did a phenomenal job on this video. I subscribed! USB type C Thunderbolt 3 sealed the deal! (Does it support enternal GPU solutions?).. One thing that bothers me though – how come ASUS didn’t release a successor to this Zenbook Pro notebook for 2017??? I’m gonna binge-watch your videos to find potential alternatives to this laptop. Thanks a lot Matthew.

Sudharshan N says:

IMHO this can be considered the best windows laptop at this price. Good review.

Jean Jacobi says:

Hi guy’s, i’ve bought this laptop in France and I have a SSD and a HDD in it so if you need to upgrade it it’s a good point. Also it’s light, no more than 2kg, and when I put the HDD outside of the computer only 1.6kg ! I recommend it ! And the screen resolution on my model is full HD but for me it’s enought. The price was lower also, only 1.100€ on amazon.

Toto says:

Hey Mat how is the Razer Blade Stealth? I was wondering if you could help me with some discount codes

Marshall Biss says:

Hi! I recently ordered the K501-NB72, and I was wondering how the build quality compared to this laptop

Jason Novik says:

Idk what to pick .. this or the XPS 15?! My budget is 1.5k but i really want a 4gb video card ..

winstonsuny says:

I need that wallpaper which is shown at 1:53 of your video. I accidentally deleted it from my new Asus X540LA. Can’t find it any where. I contacted Asus, and they want to reload my laptop (for a charge, of course. My unit is 3 weeks old).

天天天真 says:

A touch screen is not needed in a pc like this in my opinion.

M Tahsin says:

How do you turn off the backlit Keyboard?

Sean Galbraith says:

how much storage does it have?

Ramxes Arkangel says:

I need a powerhouse for 4K video editing, photoshop and lighroom. I don’t care about gaming at all. I’m a professional producer and I need it for professional work. I like the aspects and I got the money but I worry about overheating when rendering video. Would you recommend this beautiful computer?

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