2015 Alienware 13 Review – Gaming Laptop (GTX 960M)

A review on the refreshed 2015 Alienware 13″ with the GTX 960M

Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur


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Avery ϟ says:

can it take minecraft 300fps + ??

David Mack says:

well the trackpad doesnt need to b good because a gamer will buy a mouse anyway


Iv heard the radeon pro 460 is similar to 960m?

Eugene Yum says:

Click=Death. Trust me

toony and friends says:

3299999233594494827464926 93858649837353934939999993

step1. highlight the numbers
step2. press ctrl+f
step3.put press 9

Erwick D'Souza says:

Listening to the Alienware speakers on Alienware speakers.

dar even says:

i personaly think that trackpads on gaming laptops are something that companies shouldnt waste their money on too much because its a gaming computer, and almost nobody uses the ttackpad when gaming

Buzzcrave says:

MSI ge62 i5 6300 gtx 965m or Alienware 13 i5 6200 gtx 960m?

TheShadow3130 says:

Not worth it 965m is similiar to a gtx 750ti and the processor is good but not worth 1000 u kidding me

XxJessyCat says:

It was funny cause while i’m watching this i was wondering why it wasn’t windows 10 and then I realized this was posted in 2015

HermitOfTheFragshack says:

i wont understand gaming laptops till they get decent battery life

YourGirlfriends Gigolo says:

The Dell 7559 is way better than this 960m, laptops performance.

Luigi Marroquin says:


KHRN Star says:

I got Alienware 17 ! I got scholarship and became the top of my class…..and my Parents gave me That.

Espi68One says:

Looking @ a refurbished one from Dell, for just under $900, but I am concerned whether it will run…1. The Division and 2. Dying Light, my current games & any games over the next year, 2017, plan to keep it for a long time, but still want it to be a quality notebook over the next 2 years, any thoughts?

prashank kadam says:

why do u need the charger jack to change lights…..dude you are really pointing out shitty things…

AKD Games says:

is it available in India?

Nate Hates says:

I have the same shirt as you but mines grey and blue

Imperial Fire says:

I thought the fan noise was 80db and speaker noise was 25db..,
then I had to see it again!…

Diego Lopez says:

Too bad no one has made a review of the model with an OLED panel…

Adithya Suresh says:

which one buy inspiron 15 7000 or
alienware 13 r2

Aayush Singh says:

Can this run overwaych

Zamiboy Hussaini says:

Can I have this laptop for school?? I’ll pay for shipping

DesireBeast says:

Is the HDMI input or output?

Razor Reznov says:

What about the processor , Windows version ,bit?

Yousef H says:

im not considering this laptop because of the dual core processor

NeonKraken says:

Can anyone recomend a good laptop for editing, gaming, and graphic design no more then 1100 usd? Was thinking this laptop https://www.amazon.com/Alienware-ANW13-8636SLV-Touchscreen-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B00SIJG8PQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1484613281&sr=1-3&keywords=alienware+13 was an ooption, but its a year old. Does that matter? I dont really wanna spend 200 more dollars on the 2016 version of this… Also can this run Windows 10?

Negative CUnt says:

could it play overwatch relatively well?

Imperial Fire says:

is it better than my laptop with Intel core two duo???

Black Knight says:

How well does it run Minecraft? like medium to low settings…

Daily Brunch says:

are you a on upwork ? with the name Lim LIan Leng

Jumbob Jones says:

Who cares about a trackpad on a GAMING LAPTOP YOUR GOING TO USE A MOUSE!

Litzneu says:

How cone my philips o’neil can’t fit in the headphone jack?

Pak47 says:

i7 6500u, 16 gb ram, 960m, 256 ssd, 1 tb hard drive, 3200×1800, touch screen worth it now for 899??

1SmokedTurkey1 says:

The specs make it seem this laptop would be compatible with the Oculus Rift. Is it?

rc535thegamer Awesome says:

Hey guys I got this alienware 13 is it the 960M I5 intel should I upgrade? I wanna upgrade my Ram and graphics card but should I ? and can I ?


Can I believe Amazon?

Meet Davé says:

Hey Dave! The intro music is stuck in my head for the last week or so. No reason whatsoever.

Jose Roman Tan says:

Rubbery finish?! has anyone had theirs degrade over time? Dont these things get sticky as the unit gets older?

AerialAceAero says:

I want this 13 inch alienware gaming laptop just one thing can I upgrade the graphics card say like Nvidia Geforce gt 1080 to replace.

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