$199 Laptop Review Acer Aspire One Cloudbook 14 and Lenovo Chromebook 100S

Lisa Gade reviews two extremely affordable laptops, the 14” Acer Cloudbook and the 11.6” Lenovo Chromebook 100S (the Lenovo is also available as the IdeaPad 100S with Windows 10). Both sell for $199 and have 1366 x 768 matte TN non-touch displays, Intel Celeron processors, 2 gigs of RAM and eMMC storage. These budget laptops have dual band WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth, a webcam with mic, and a basic selection of ports. If your budget is extremely tight or you need a laptop for a child or relative with simple technology needs or perhaps need one for a second home, these might be the machines for you.


Wim E says:

Will the sd card not stick out of the acer cloudbook 14? Because in the cloudbook 11 he sticks out…

Foxy Kitten says:

I had one ;-; it broke and it only had 2G

TheDopeCantaloupe says:

yes because all 8 year olds should have their own laptops.

kingwindie says:

Acer is on sale for 99 bucks now

dac81391 says:

Can you find someone else to do the videos? I’ve clicked on your videos 3 times today but I immediately exit because I just can’t stand you for some weird reason.

wasiq siddiqui says:

this Acer laptop runs maple 18 and dev c++?

TEST says:

If you buy an acer you will regret it. If you buy another acer after that you will regret it forever (true story)

Gamingwith Alex says:

Wow an 8 year old spoiled I’m 10 at least I’m getting a acer pc and acer laptop

Ford Mavericks OS X says:

Great review!

tom thumb says:

correction: its 50% more expensive and the Acer is 33% cheaper then Toshiba.

Chloe Vega says:

is the acer one laggy? i’d use it for web browsing, watching movies, and occasional work on microsoft word (school work)… im afraid it might be too slow. i just need a decent laptop. help me people lol

gphillimo says:


Tavia Ellifritz says:

Can I play Roblox and minecraft with it?

Deleted Account says:

Would this laptop be good for gaming?

Matthew Miller says:

These laptops are definitely not as good as my windows 10 dell, which was bought for about $240 dollars, but for the price, these are good. my school is giving chromebooks out to highschoolers, which I am excited about. My dell doesn’t have a cd drive, and when I heard about the chromebooks, I had never known about this sort of laptop, so I was excited about getting one with a cd drive. it doesent have a cd drive lol

iTzFluX says:

You sound like Eddie Jemison from oceans 11

Eddy del Valle says:

Love your reviews!

bejing fist says:

which is good for roblox?

goldflakechallenger says:

I am using an acer aspire one cloudbook and I have had all kinds of virus protection changing I have done because the storage on this thing is very small-I can get a free mcafee protection but could not use it because of this low storage issue-as of now I am using bullguard-glad they bailed me out because a Trojan was doing the boogie around Kaspersky-this laptop is slower than barrack Obama-man it is a loser-just like him.

Bilal Heuser says:

I’m using an Acer Aspire E11 mini laptop, with 4GB RAM and a large hard drive which is really nice to use. But it is not a Chromebook or Cloudbook because it is running Windows 10 as the main operating system.

KaiSaHai777 says:

would i be able to run dishonored on that acer cloudbook?

Co Fe2 says:

Perfect for linux hacking

Sarah Moloney says:

would I be able to play sims on these

Noora Google says:

Can you run Minecraft and The sims 4 on it?

Jacob Porter says:

Is it worth getting the acer for games?

Shaun Yates says:

could i use exteriour hdd on acer for more hdd space

GamerGo says:

i have this cloudbook. i always use it. this is so comfortable to use but this is very slow computer.

Nile Jams says:

is it good with gaming?

Emon says:

I’ve not had any problems with this laptop. But then again I do not play games and use it just to survey the web and watch Netflix. It does the job until I can buy a better ine

Naked Alien says:

no ethernet though

Criticalized Gaming says:

would this run fine with roblox cuz im thinking bout getting dis for school work and for roblox
Plz reply ASAP….

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